Trick it up

s k a t e p a r k R o z e l o r

Do you like extreme sports?

Take your BMX or skateboard and come for a weekend at Cluj where you have the perfect ocasion to show off your skills. Trick it up was a two days mini-festival full of craziness and good music and it took place in Skatepark Rozelor, which was transformed into a corner of the urban culture. 

The Trick It Up contest took place from 9-10th of June in a jam-session format for BMX and skate, each of them having two categories : Amateur and PRO. 

Riders from all across the country came to Cluj to compete and contribute to the audience of the event, it was a great opportunity to get more familiar to the urban culture and make new friends. The competition itself was pleasant to watch for everyone no matter the age. The organizers of the event also allowed kids or adults to ride the park between the competition runs and the most talented ones were supported with stickers even if they didn’t compete for the event. 

The event was planned and supported by the local riders from Cluj and everything was settled in order to produce the best experience of the urban culture. The contestants placed on the 1st 2nd and 3rd place of each category earned prizes for their effort. The participation fee was 15ron and it supported the prizes for each category plus water and food for the participants in both days of the event. 

Feel free to join in the next year’s edition of the Trick It Up contest. 

Trick It Up 2018

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Publicată de Paul Nemeti Visuals pe Luni, 2 iulie 2018