Conspiracy and the death of John F. Kennedy

A death and theories that will not never stop. A president that was killed with cold blood and millions of people asking ”why?”. President Kennedy will always be remembered as one of the most important presidents of US. Conspiracy theories are increasingly turning around this case and I want to present a small summary of what I’ve found out on this theme.Based on the things my mother taught me and my daily life curiosity,every story has two sides and in this case,the story of the truth it is split in something bigger.

A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes an unwarranted conspiracy, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. The term is a derogatory one.
According to the political scientist Michael Barkun, conspiracy theories rely on the view that the universe is governed by design, and embody three principles: nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems, and everything is connected.Another common feature is that conspiracy theories evolve to incorporate whatever evidence exists against them, so that they become, as Barkun writes, a closed system that is unfalsifiable and therefore “a matter of faith rather than proof”.When I started to inform myself about this kind of things I couldn’t control myself for a couple of weeks.The main idea,the subjects,the lies and how people manipulate each other, everything was incredible.I feel like this is something that people need to read and listen,because this whole idea of „conspiracy’’ will never ever stop.This subject is really important for people nowadays,because most of us prefer to listen a good lie than an ugly truth.Outside the whole truth,conspiracy theories are divided in more types. The first one is called: ”enemy outside” that refers to theories based on figures alleged to be scheming against a community from without.The second one is : ”enemy above” and it involves powerful people manipulating events for their own gain and the last ”benevolent conspiracies” that are angelic forces who work behind the scenes to improve the world and help people.

Conspiracy theories frequently emerge following the deaths of prominent people. The best known of these are the theories concerning the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.He was born in May 29, 1917, commonly referred to by his initials JFK, was an American statesman who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963.

The event that caused his death is being discuseed and nowdays.President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by gunfire as he traveled in a motorcade in an open-top limousine in Dallas, Texas, on friday.
Here comes up the idea of conspiracy. As I said in the first place,on every story,usually we find two sides of it,but in this case there are more than just two and let me show you why. Why is this case more ‘special’ and what really happened.Why people all around the world were manipulated by mass media and how in its turn mass media is being manipulated by powerful people, top and controlling people that hide things for their good.
Theories over theories, but what really happened that day?
President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, drove the Dallas city center limousine together with Texas governor and his wife. On the streets, the present crowd acclaimed the president.Then, at 12.30, three gun shots were heard. The first missed the target, everyone believing the sound was caused by a burglar. The second hit the president in the back and went out through his neck, then hit the governor. The next blow was fatal, Kennedy being shot in the head. He was urgently transported to the hospital, but the blows were too serious and he was declared dead half an hour later.The alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was caught immediately in less than an hour and a half after committing the crime and remained the official author.


The Guardian is a magazine from UK that writes about politics ,lifestyles and daily news all around the world. Also,the idea of the magazine was to provide an iconoclastic, relaxed look at politics,especially.
In november 2016 the magazine wrote an article about JFK’s death. After 53 years in 2016 from Kennedy’s death people still had many questions about what occurred in that event. The main questions were ” Did Lee Oswald worked for the CIA?” and ”Kennedy had enemies that he didn’t know?”


The magazine published a whole investigation in the year of 2016 on this theme.According to their sources ”A CIA message sent on 24 November 1963 said an “important question” that remained unsolved was whether Oswald had been planning to travel right away or return to the US and leave later. The message said that although it appeared Oswald “was then thinking only about a peaceful change of residence to the Soviet Union, it is also possible that he was getting documented to make a quick escape after assassinating the president”.Also, in relation to the informations about Lee is that shortly after the attack on November 24, 1963, Jack Ruby, the owner of a strip club night, killed Oswald while he was in police custody. The event has produced a new wave of speculation. How did he overcome the security measures surrounding Oswald? For Oswald not to disclose incriminating evidence to the personality of the establishment during the trial? And how about Oswald’s ties to the organized crime world? Ruby swore he had acted alone to avenge the crime, but many did not believe him, even after his 1967 death, following a celebratory attack.
Lots of questions,murder and a dark truth. A crime that was so well planned and thought. Every move was controlled, every step of the president was analyzed and every reaction of the people who were on that day in Dallas at the event.Very suspicious was the moment they found Oswald. The killer was found too fast. Immediately after the shot, the police headed for the block where he stood. Doubtful, right?Only someone with immense power could make a plan so intelligent.
At the same time it is shocking how the media is controlled with great ease. The files related to Kennedy’s death have been blocked for years, until the US intelligence community has unlocked some of the related files.


The Magazine 22 is a weekly independent political analysis and topical news from Romania. Magazine 22 also wrote in 2016 and an article that informed people with some news about this subject. ”The intelligence agencies said the files contained very sensitive materials that would affect national security and that they needed time to revise and remove this information. Given that they knew from the beginning that the files would be unlocked one day, and knew for years when that day would come, the request was twice extraordinary: First, that more than half a century after the assassination there was still material so sensitive that it had to be retained, and secondly that not all the critical information had been identified so far.”
Their article was more detailed than that of The Guardian because it had more precise details coming directly from the main source.On another side, their sources wrote a lot about Oswald. In other articles and news, Oswald was only seen as Kennedy’s killer and definitely he is way more than a simple human in history .
Lee Harvey Oswald fled to the Soviet Union. The Soviets sent him to Minsk to work in a radios factory. While there, he met Marina, who lived with her uncle, Colonel in MVD, the security wing of the Soviet Interior Ministry. She married her six weeks after she met her, and then applied for a visa to leave the Soviet Union and received it for Marina and for him. This was at a time when Soviet Union exit visas were as rare as teeth. However, the niece of a colonel MVD was allowed to marry an American deserter and leave with him because he was unhappy with life in the Soviet Union. Upon returning to the US, the Oswald family was apparently not interrogated leisurely.
The circle of people involved in this crime seems to be infinite.A short filming from November 22, 1963 found on the Magazine 22 site,shocked the world louder.
Magazine 22 didn’t specified the filming source. The movie shot since the assassination, was confiscated immediately after the assassination, and which was not presented to the public until 1975, has generated some suspicions. The first lady Jackie behaves in a very strange way. In the video it is seen that the limousine ride along the market. As the motorcycle approaches, John Kennedy seems to have had breathing problems. Jackie’s wife moves on her chair and turns 90 degrees to face her husband. Conspiracy theorists describe how he then leans towards him, apparently lifting his left hand to his throat. Suddenly, the fire of a gun is heard, and Kennedy collapses.But why would Jackie Kennedy want to kill her husband? It seems to have had several reasons, the main being his relationship with Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe, especially when she died, Jackie said she was happy with the news. CIA, Lee Oswald,Kennedy’s wife and the options leading to the main killer are not over.

Finding the truth in this case can be quite dizzying, because here comes the theory of conspiracy that gives us options over options and if you are not well documented, you can only believe in one side of the story.In that year people very simple to handle. It was like ‘Ok’ . Here is what we think.We see the easiest part and we believe it”.Gradually, things have changed and as we can see, the media is no longer as easy to control as it was then.People started to talk, telling their opinions about the crime and especially people who are specialize in criminology.That’s why today there are so many stories about the murder of November 22, 1963.
It rained on November 22, but on the 25th funeral day it was sunny and pleasant outside.Around 800,000 people attended the funeral ceremony, and another 175 million people watched the live broadcast of John F. Kennedy’s last live broadcast. The assassination had an effect on many people, not only in the U.S. but around the world.Many people have also spoken of the shocking news, compounded by the pall of uncertainty about the identity of the assassin(s), the possible instigators, and the causes of the killing.
In the end,President Kennedy’s death will always be a conspiracy and the ensuing confusion surrounding the facts of his assassination, are of political and historical importance insofar as they marked a turning point and decline in the faith of the American people in the political establishment.

We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us thru that darkness to a safe and sane future.