never go on a diet

Without wanting to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Today’s society is pushing us to look perfect, to be fit and by all means to not have fat on our bodies. And what does one do when he’s starting to feel the pressure of looking perfect? He/She goes on diets. Seeing a huge amount of photoshoped bodies and “how to lose 5 kg in 4 hours” types of ads can make you feel bad abut yourself.

Side note, never let those standards get to you. As long as you are healthy, not at risk with any kind of disease and feel very good, then you should continue doing your business. For some people, their bodies are simply not wanting to stay at a specific number of kg and may go higher or lower. This simply doesn’t matter. Love yourself.

Going back, there are plenty of diets in the world: keto, paleo, vegetarianism, veganism, Dukan and so on and so forth, if we don’t take in consideration the personalized diets made by nutritionists. Yes, I am aware of the fact that most of the things I enumerated are “ways of life”; but they are still a diet after all.The only difference is that people who vegetarian or vegans have chose this diet as they’re way of eating and living their whole life. However, diets are not bad, they are helping you reach your goal and to be healthy. Some people have to go on a diet because of medical related problems or because they want to lose weight in order to prevent heart problems or diabetes. But, don’t go on a diet if you will think of it as a burden, and here’s why:

1.You might end up with all that weight that you lost back on. Yes, diets do work. But if you don’t continue with having normal and healthy eating habits, you will end up putting all that weight back on and maybe even more .

2.Strict diets can lead to eating disorders. A person may keep cutting foods from his/her diet in order to lose weight faster and this is can develop anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating. Refusing to indulge yourself with your favorite food will only make you feel miserable.

3. Can cause you emotional distress. Trying out a diet without fully wanting to commit to it will make you have some slips and therefore feeling of guilt and shame may appear, thus leading to emotional eating and therefore entering a very vicious cycle.

Don’t think of it as a diet, but as a way of life. You can try things out to see what works best for you. For example, cheat day: this is a day of the week in which one can eat everything he/she want. for some people this method does wonders, while for others is simply not working. A plate should be divided in 3( like the image above) categories: vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. This eating habit, eating everything that you want in moderation and working out or at least trying to have an active life will help you more on the long run then simply keeping a one-week diet in which you lose 5 kg and then putting on back 7 kg. When starting a diet, it is recommended to visit a therapists to talk abut the changes that are going to appear in your life, how to cope with not being able to give in your craving every time you have them and many other problems you may encounter. Also, a therapist helps you with emotional eating and how to differenciate it from actual hunger. Best thing you should do is talk to a dietitian and not going on some weird type of diet.

I left below a video from Nerd Fitness explaining everything. Good luck on your path lo a healthy life and please, never ever forget to be patient with yourself!