The most watched Romanian female bloggers on Instagram

The evolution of new media brought a lot of changes on the Internet as well as in our regular daily lives. Instagram, as well as other social media platforms created new challenges and opportunities for people to let themselves being known. It’s a place where they could share brief information about their lives as well as to promote their other work. From the moment social media platforms started to have an influence, the term of the blog became viral, people started to create their blog sites and share the information they desired. This article is going to be about some of the most watched female bloggers on Instagram.

Alina Ceușan 

‘Be the kind of person you would like to meet’

Alina started her blog in 2012. At the beginning it was only a homework for the University, but with time, she developed her content to be of mass interest. She kept on maintaining the blog from her passion for writing, fashion, styling and creative content.

At the moment Alina has 430.000 followers on Instagram. Throughout her career, she worked with different national and international brands, such as Nivea, Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal Paris and others. She also won several prizes for having the Best Fashion Blog and being the Digital Diva for several years in a row. On her Instagram account she has almost 16.000 posts, including pictures and videos not only from Cluj where she is living but also from different travel locations. She is the co-founder of the INFSD SWIMWEAR company.

Ioana Grama

‘Impressing people by being myself’

What in 2013 was a game now is a passion. In her opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than the feeling she has when she knows that she can inspire people around her, through the blog she has and the true way of her being. Ioana has a total of 262.000 followers on her Instagram account.

In every picture on Instagram, Ioana takes good care for every detail of her outfit and makeup, which she prefers to be in perfect unison.

Carmen Grebenișan

‘I love poppy flowers’

Carmen began her social media career on YouTube in 2014 where she was sharing different hair, makeup and fashion styling tutorials and short after she started her blog page. Her Instagram account is followed by 244.000 people.

She is well known for posting natural daily style and travel photos on Instagram. Together with Alina Ceușan, they founded the luxury swimwear company INFSD SWIMWEAR. She is maintaining her blog, vlog and Instagram account by sharing different pieces of advices about makeup, fashion and travel.

Sânziana Negru

‘Human based on the Internet’

Sânziana created a blog for simple reasons as an online journal, where she could express her thoughts, feelings and where she can be creative. Every now and then she writes about new makeup products, cool outfits, where you can spend your holidays and of course traveling tips. Her Instagram account proves that her work is perfect for almost 230.000 followers, that are watching and admiring her for what she is doing.

Talking about traveling, Sanziana’s favorite activity is to travel and discover new places. In November 2018 she succeeded to see in a month, four countries on three different continents. Although her Instagram account is full of pictures from other countries, she also carried to show some beautiful places from Romania.

Sînziana Iacob  

 ‘Topită în iubire nemărginită!’ (Melting in unlimited love)

After working for three years on a blog page together with her friend Deea, in 2017 Sînziana created her personal blog. She prefers to write about beauty, types of makeup and every other stuff that are fluffy and pink. Her Instagram account is full of life and colors.

The colors and the feelings that are transmitted through her photos are one of the reasons she is growing her community so fast, at the moment having almost 125.000 followers. Beside this through every post, she shares her optimism and positivity, she believes that this is a priority in a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.